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With two national lockdowns, 2020 has been a very difficult year for most. The high street and its many shops and local businesses have faced challenging times, and recovery will take a long time for some.

We have always been committed to supporting and backing local businesses, but we need your help!

There has been a significant (but not unexpected) switch to online shopping, and it is now very much part of the world we live in. Frankly, it’s been a lifesaver for many who have had to stay indoors during the global pandemic.

But, these changes in shopping habits could very likely result in fewer retailers opening, and more closures as national brands rationalise their property portfolio. These forced situations mean the retail landscape and town centres, in particular, could change if we don’t take action now.

So, we want to raise awareness of how much shopping we all do online and encourage as many people as possible to revert to shopping locally. We are asking if you will, once again, get out into the shops and while shopping safely: support your local area!

Because, if each person bought from a local business, even once a month, the positive impact that would have on Runcorn and the surrounding area would be enormous.

And it will certainly help these hard-working businesses recover, and help sustain our high street.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will showcase many of our independent shops and our locally based national shops too. We aim to keep you informed of what they can offer you, and the many benefits shopping local brings.

So, we urge everyone to support your local businesses; to follow current government guidelines when out shopping; and above all, to keep safe.

And we look forward to seeing many of you in 2021!


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