Join us on Monday, November 6th, for the grand opening of our Kids Corner in Community Square! The fun starts at 12pm with a delightful ribbon-cutting event at the soft play area. We’re extending a warm invitation to all the wonderful parent and baby groups to come and enjoy the soft play, along with some fantastic activities like face painting, balloons, and activity packs.

To make this moment even more special, we’re launching an exciting social media campaign called “One in a Million.” We’re inviting everyone to share why they believe their parent, dad, caregiver (even grandparents) is truly exceptional. Whether it’s their remarkable charity work, contributions to the community, dedication to their family, or something unique, we want to hear about it!

From all the heart-warming stories, we’ll select three exceptional individuals and treat them to a special surprise, including beautiful flowers. These remarkable people will have the honour of cutting the ribbon as we celebrate and honour their outstanding contributions to our community. Don’t miss this heart-warming event!