5 tricks to keep the kids entertained while shopping

kids entertained while shopping

Shopping with the little ones isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re looking after them on your own. We believe that shopping should be an enjoyable experience for everybody involved. So we have some tips and tricks on how to keep the kids entertained while shopping.  

It’s easy for the kids to get bored while shopping – who can blame them? While it may be a pleasant experience for you, for your little ones? Not so much. Kids naturally have a short attention span. So even if they initially enjoy the shopping experience, it’s not uncommon for them to become bored very quickly.

How to keep the kids entertained while shopping

If you’re used to tears and tantrums in the aisles, then we’re sure that you’ll be seeking some answers on how to keep your little ones bemused.

‘Shopping bingo’

One of the best things you can do to keep the kids entertained while shopping is turn the whole experience in to a sort of game. Revert what is becoming a humdrum and boring experience to the kids, back into something fun that both grown-ups and children can appreciate alike.

There’s a few ways in which you can do this, but our favourite is by using the ‘shopping bingo’ method. Similarly to how you play ‘first one to spot the sea wins’ on the approach to the beach, you could challenge your kids to find the items that you are looking for. The friendly competition is bound to keep them interested for hours on end, plus – they’re helping you to shop too. You can download free ‘shopping bingo’ templates online, or even make your own.


If you’re using a trolley that is also seating your children, then one way to keep them entertained is to encourage them to keep stacking up the items. With the trolley constantly jolting and shaking, it will prove challenging for them. It’s well-known that children love to be faced with a problem to solve. So, this trick should keep them entertained for a while.

Portable entertainment

If you’re the prepared type. Then you may even take steps to keep the tantrums at bay, well before you’ve even left the house.

If you know that your kids are prone to getting restless, then why not bring something along with you that’ll keep them occupied? This could be a book, a mini game or a travel colouring set, for example. You can pick up a load of great distraction items like these from B&M, so even if you do forget – you need not worry.


At the end of the day, shopping typically isn’t a youngsters ideal of unparalleled fun. If your little ones have behaved themselves while shopping – then they may well have deserved a treat. You can turn a shopping trip into something that is well looked forward to. Rather than dreaded if your kids know that there’s a reward for good behaviour in the pipeline.

Treats don’t have to break the bank. Why not give them free roam to pick an item from Poundland, or grab them a tasty snack on the go?


One of the best ways to keep the kids entertained while shopping is by taking breaks to let them run off some steam. If you’re headed to a shopping centre then instead of darting from shop to shop, why not break it up by heading to a cafe, or by going on short walks around the inside or outside of the building?

At ShoppingCity, we are proud to offer a ‘chill room’ within our vicinity. Introduced to help autistic children enjoy shopping just as much as the next person. Our ‘chill room’ is a quiet room wherein a child or an individual can visit and take some time to relax. The room is decorated with bean bags and low lighting to create a calming and tranquil environment. If your child is prone to getting worked up while shopping, then why not pay our ‘chill room’ a visit?  


If you fancy a day out shopping… (Now in the knowledge that you can keep your kids entertained at the same time). Then pay us a visit. ShoppingCity is conveniently located in Runcorn and is easily accessible via car, bus or train. Head to our website for more information.

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