How to bring Wimbledon to your own home

Today marks the start of the world’s oldest and most famous tennis tournament; Wimbledon. The prestige tournament is about to commence play for another year. If you’re not lucky enough to be watching the action in the flesh, (us neither *sigh*), then here’s how you can prepare for the centre court drama and celebrate in style within your very own home.

The latter weeks of June and the start of July have truly blessed us with a spat of pleasant weather, so now’s the time to enjoy it. (As, being in the UK – we know it’s not destined to last for long). Combining the two, we’re going to tell you how to celebrate Wimbledon 2018 in the scorching summer heat.

The Wimbledon Championships will broadcast for 2 weeks, from Monday 2nd July to Sunday 15th July so there’s plenty time to plan and throw a smashing summer party that ties in with the world’s most famed tennis tournament.

After Andy Murray’s shock pull-out following a prolonged injury, the topic of ‘who’s going to win is up in the air. Will Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal tussle for victory, or will Novak Djokovic return to form and take the title? And, as for the women’s… Will Garbine Muguruza win the Grand Slam singles for the second time in the row, or will seven-times winner Serena Williams triumph again after telling rivals that “she’s more competitive now?” … Who knows!

However it goes, we’re sure to be there with our tennis whites and strawberries and cream at the ready. There’s nothing like Wimbledon to get us in the mood for a similarly-themed party, if you’re the same; read on…

How to host a Wimbledon themed party

Summer parties are the best. Really, we’re all for them. But tied in with the tennis? What a dream. To help you serve up your own super celebration, we have a few ideas to get you started.

The coverage

First and foremost – how will you be watching it?

Whether you’re a die hard Wimbledon fan, or prefer just sticking to the final, you want to make sure that yourself and your guests are in prime viewing position. You’ll be able to catch the action on BBC, so make sure you have a screen (or two) dedicated to the purpose of your party.

Struggling for a viewing spot, or want to keep it outside? How about investing in a projector for some real big-screen action. You can pick up a wide range of projectors at Argos which’ll come into use even after Wimbledon ends. From outdoor cinemas to family picture slideshows – we’re sure the fun’ll never end! Head down to Shopping City’s Argos to grab your projector ahead of the party to stun your guests and provide an A+ viewing experience for all.


The snacks

Secondly, you’ll need to nail the snacks. Whether your Wimbledon party will be accompanied with full catering or some simple nibbles – we’ve got some absolute must haves for you.

Strawberries & Cream

You can’t get much more Wimbledon than strawberries and cream, so this summer dish is a must have for your party. Either serve your strawberries and cream in two separate large bowls for guests to combine themselves, or pre-prepare them in serving dishes. You’ll be able to pick either up at Poundland.


You could place a twist on the usual recipe by offering the choice of ice cream instead, or by even incorporating some brownies or shortbread in to the mix.

Tennis ball shortbread

For a perfectly themed snack, why not make some tennis ball shortbreads for your guests?

Sticking to the Wimbledon theme, these shortbreads are so easy to create. Either pre-purchase some round shortbreads or take the plunge and make your own! Then, finish with icing in a tennis ball style for a spectacular snack good enough for centre court.


Sourced from Party Delights.


Okay, so this one isn’t strictly speaking a snack. But, like yin without yang – what’s Wimbledon without Pimms? This summery-drink is a must have for any Wimbledon themed party, so make sure you’re stocked up with jugs of it!

We’d recommend pre-prepping a jug (or two, or three, or four…) of Pimms and lemonade. Our perfect Pimms recipe is as follows…

  • 3 parts lemonade
  • 1 part Pimm’s
  • 1 slice of orange
  • 2 slices of cucumber
  • 1 sliced strawberry
  • A sprig of mint


Head down to Iceland to pick up a bottle of Pimms or two and get your Wimbledon party off to a flying start.

The decor

And, last but not least, in order to throw a smashing Wimbledon party – you’re going to want to go all out on the decor. Now, this doesn’t mean hanging tennis balls from every free door handle, curtain rail or hook in the house. Instead, how about embracing a summer theme that can stick around for far longer than Wimbledon’s two weeks?


If you’re set to host a garden Wimbledon party (accompanied by a nifty little projector as mentioned above) then now’s the time to get those green fingers to work by getting down and dirty with the garden. Plant colourful, pre-grown plants around to spruce up your setting and set off those ultimate summer vibes. Plus, your flowers will stick around much longer than the tennis will! Finish of your party theme with some summer style buntings, fairy lights and maybe even some extra flowers for the tables. (We’d recommend sunflowers).

A beautifully designed venue, with smashing snacks and Wimbledon on the big screen – now that sounds like a party not to be missed. The question is… Can we come?


For all of your Wimbledon party essentials and more, head down to Shopping City in Runcorn. We’re open until 8pm every evening bar Sunday so there’s plenty of time to stock up.

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