Celebrate International Coffee Day at Shopping City, Runcorn

Earlier this year the British Coffee Association released figures confirming that over the last ten years, British coffee consumption has soared to 95 million cups a day. On average, that’s at least 2 cups each. And just looking around the office now I can testify the Shopping City team are doing their bit to keep those numbers up!

Are you drinking one now too? Bet you are!

Of course, we’re known as a nation of tea drinkers. And you won’t be surprised to learn we consume a whopping 165 million cuppas daily. So we will redress the balance and post a blog just for tea drinkers soon, we promise.

Where did this miraculous ‘pick me up’ come from?

The first coffee consumption is thought to be in 15th Century Yemen, in Sufi Monasteries. Since then it’s been providing that energising pick me up to many nations for over 600 years. Today it’s found at most breakfast tables. In particular, those in Finland, who top the charts as the most caffeinated nation in the world!

Why do we love it?

Well, firstly, find the right blend, and it can taste pretty awesome, you have to agree.

Also, it has a great, uplifting smell. Nobody could deny the joy of opening a new packet of coffee. Or pushing open the door of your local coffee shop to be hit by that great aroma?

What’s in a smell?

But why do we love the smell of coffee so much? According to science, it’s because coffee contains molecules for almost every scent that’s known to be attractive to us. Sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, smoky. It’s not all good though. Coffee also contains the molecules of rotten cabbage. Yes really.

Coffee for the Community

A good cup of coffee is not just about the taste and smell though. It’s also a great conversation starter and a community builder. Check out our Community page, and you’ll see how we are actively working to bring groups of our older (and wiser!) community together each Wednesday for Coffee in The Box.

We’re celebrating International Coffee Day

And here’s some great news! To celebrate International Coffee Day, Shopping City, Runcorn is joining The Chatter Café Scheme.

Single mum Alex Hoskyn created the fantastic scheme when feeling particularly lonely during a café stop with her young son. She noticed an equally lonely pensioner at a nearby table and a young guy with severe additional needs sitting at another table with his careworker. It occurred to her that just a brief interaction between them would most likely brighten the day for all of them! And so The Chatty Café Scheme was born.

And in August this year, Alex was told of the fantastic news that national coffee chain Costa would be rolling out the scheme to over 300 stores. It’s the first and only coffee chain in the UK to adopt the scheme on a national scale.


Join us!

You can join us as part of the Chatter Café in Shopping City from 1st October. Pop into Costa, Tropicana (located in The Box) or 5* Café for a natter and be part of something amazing. Make some new friends, even if only for an hour…it could brighten your day and theirs!

And if you’re stuck for a conversation starter, check out the most popular below:

Top 10 Conversation-Starters in the UK:

  1. The weather
  2. Immediate surroundings
  3. Local area
  4. Asking how someone is doing
  5. The news
  6. Sport
  7. Asking what people do for a living
  8. Music
  9. Asking where people live
  10. Asking what people got up to at the weekend

Our coffee inspired shopping list to take home

We’ve put together a quick ‘coffee inspired’ shopping list for the coffee lovers out there. You can purchase them all right here at Shopping City. And grab a coffee and a natter at the same time…

Cuppa and Coffee Mugs

£1.00 Wilko

Enjoy your next coffee in style!

Copper Effect 600ml Coffee Pot

£20 Wilko

A cafetière will bring out the natural aromas of great coffee.

Canister Set

£12 Wilco

The stylish way to store your coffee. Or tea. Or sugar!

Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Machine

£49.99 Argos

This Luna Coffee Maker allows you to create barista-style coffee in seconds.

Whole Earth Organic No Caffeine Coffee Alternative 100g

£2.69 Holland & Barrett

This coffee alternative has a wonderfully rich aroma and is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for organic and ‘caffeine free’.

And in case you’re not keen on the taste but love the smell of coffee, the following are for you!

Firming Coffee Body Scrub

£19.99 Superdrug


Made from freshly ground coffee beans (and more!) this scrub will leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter and energised.

Coffee Face Mask 75ml

Was £4.99 Now £3.25 Superdrug

This amazing coffee blend will help add a burst of refreshing vitality to your skincare routine.

Cacharel Noa 30ml EDT

RRP £30 £15.50 The Fragrance Shop

With notes of coriander, white musk, and a subtle hint of coffee you’ll get your coffee fix all day!


£41.50 The Fragrance Shop

A*Men Eau de Toilette is a winning fusion of Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk, Pure Coffee and Tonka Beans.

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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