Doctor Who through the Ages

Doctor Who, it’s been a family favourite name for years, but just how much has the show changed through the ages and what can we expect from it in the future?

Where did Doctor Who come from?

Believe it or not, the Doctor first graced our screens in 1963 and is still standing strong even now, with the new series this year seeing the shows first ever female doctor. The show, much like the TARDIS, has travelled strong through the years and continues to remain one of the most popular Sci-Fi shows today. But just how did Doctor Who start out?

In theory, there have been 13 different doctors (exceeding the prior belief that the doctor could only regenerate 12 times) but this does not take into account the ‘war doctor’ famously played by John Hurt. If it sounds confusing, it’s because it is – overall, regeneration is a tricky business and rightly so matches up with the unordinary and quirky life of the doctor and his loyal companions.

Earlier episodes

Earlier episodes of the show saw the likes of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee enjoy a series of lighthearted adventures fighting the Cybermen and the Daleks (who, at the time could be defeated by a mere run up the stairs).

The show was famed for allowing viewers to enter a never seen before world and explore the galaxy and the idea of time travel alongside the Doctor and his many companions, it was new and exciting and was a show that gripped the hearts and minds of many whilst on air.

The show was soon adored by many and built up a large following, however, 1996 saw the show being taken off air for what fans thought was the last time, much to their dismay.

Later episodes

However, in a shock twist, Doctor Who rejoined our screens in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston taking on the daunting yet exciting role of filling in as a comeback doctor – a role which many would say he executed remarkably well.

Since there has been 4 more doctors: David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and now Jodie Whittaker who have battled tirelessly against their ever standing enemies, including one of the Doctors biggest enemies: his once timelord friend, the Master.

The show still to this day airs on BBC1 and is adored by many even now.

What are the differences between earlier and later episodes?

One of the most groundbreaking revelations that the new series found was the Daleks are now able to gravitate up stairs and thus pose a much higher threat than ever before. They are ever upgrading and thus posing more and more of a threat to not only Doctor, but the whole of mankind. The Cybermen also see a similar upgrade and continue to remain one of the Doctor’s upmost concerns even now – you never know where they’ll reappear.

It has also been noted that recent episodes are a lot darker than the original light-hearted fun adventures that started out in the 60’s, the doctor has since been faced with creepy life-sized dolls, italian vampires and no other than himself posed as the enemy.

The elephant in the room however, is the introduction of the female doctor: Jodie Whittaker, who took over from Capaldi in 2017’s Christmas episode. It has been credited a bold and outgoing move by the press, but was met with the mellow contention from producers that they never said the doctor was not or could not be a woman. Following the Master’s regeneration in to Missy, it was only time that the Doctor’s persona followed suit with a female counterpart.  


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