How to Get the Best Deal out of Your Mobile Phone Contract

Getting a new mobile phone contract isn’t supposed to be a daunting task, but with so many offers left-right-and-centre it can sometimes attach itself to the ‘more stress than it’s worth’ attitude. This guide should help you relieve the pressure and make an informed choice that’s right for you.

1. Firstly, decide what it is you’re looking for

If you know what type of phone you are looking before you start your search, it becomes a lot easier to narrow down your options and find the best deal for you. The famed iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphones around at the moment, but if being tech-savvy isn’t on your priority list then here are a few more recommendations.

For the photographer

The HTC U11 has been crowned as the ultimate ‘selfie’ smartphone, with Ultrapixel quality and a 16MP front facing lens, this is perfect for the snap-happy phone owner.

For the obsessive texter/tweeter/instagrammer

If you can’t be away from your phone, not even in the rain, in a bath or even in a pool then why not opt for a waterproof smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S8? It’s water resistant up to 1.5m and is also dust and shower proof – meaning you never have to compromise your mobile usage!

For the super saver

If fancy features aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to opt for a cheaper phone that still does the job, then how about the Sony Experia XA? It’s still a smartphone so you can still keep up to date with technology; plus it also has a 2 day battery life and a 13MP fast launch camera – not bad for a phone on a budget!

For the clumsier phone user

Finally, if you’re sick and tired of running back to the repair shop every week with another smashed screen then perhaps it’s time to consider a phone that can withstand you’re less-than-careful behaviour. The CAT S40 is drop proof up to 1.8m and is IP68 certified water and dust proof. That’s sure to withstand a fair few accidents!

2. Decide what kind of contract you want

Being one of the most popular ways to buy and use a phone nowadays, contracts have developed in a way so that there’s one for everyone. After choosing your phone, it helps you refine the search a little more if you decide what kind of contract will work best for you.

It is important to decide how long you want the phone for, contracts usually come in 12 or 24 month installations, so it’s worth making this decision before searching for your new deal.

It is equally important to decide what you want from your contract? Are you a text-aholic? Why not find a contract with unlimited texts? Or perhaps you do all your talking over social media? In which case, a bundle with a big data allowance is probably best for you, EE are widely known for being one of the best providers for giving you value for money on high-internet contracts.

3. Use a comparison tool

When browsing the web for a new contract, it is best to use a site which gives you the option to compare all your ‘maybes’ in one place, The Carphone Warehouse website allows you to quickly browse and add models to a comparison unit – meaning that after a browse you can go back and see all of your choices in one place, helping you make the best decision for you.

4. Head in to store

Finally, once you have it all mapped out and you know the phone you want, the contract you want and think you have the right price; it’s time to pop down to the store and secure your deal. Contracts of course can be purchased online, but going in-store means that more often than not you get the chance to physically see the product before you buy it through in-store testers. You can also speak to in-store advisors and ensure you are getting the best deal, they may even be able to recommend a contract tailor-made to you that you couldn’t have found online.

5. Enjoy!

You did it! You dumped the stress and made an informed choice easily and now you are the proud new owner of a smartphone that’s perfect for you – how easy was that?!


For more guidance why not head down the The Carphone Warehouse at Shopping City and talk to an adviser on getting the best deal for you. Alternatively, why not start browsing today?

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