Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Christmas sure is coming around quickly this year isn’t it? In a matter of weeks we’ll be sat around the table, enjoying a Buck’s fizz and a slice of turkey with bread sauce. However, alongside the festive period, many people also experience financial woes, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a some money saving tips for Christmas, to make your December 25th as stress-free as possible.

Avoid buying presents that will go to waste

Whilst the temptation can be to go a bit nuts at Christmas and buy some weird and wacky novelty gifts, these often end up unused and aren’t a great way to spend your hard-earned cash. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, here’s a list of some of the most returned / unused gifts in the UK:


Balloon trip vouchers: unless you’re gifting these to someone who has a lifelong dream of riding in a balloon, avoid these like the plague. They’re expensive and, chances are, they’ll expire long before the weather is good enough on a date that suits the recipient.

Exercise equipment: unless the recipient is a fitness fanatic (in which case, they probably already have exercise equipment), avoid buying this as a gift. Not only could it be left to rot somewhere, but you don’t want to insult someone by accidently insinuating that they need to lose weight do you?

Pets: these are a huge commitment. Plus, they’re actual living creatures that need a certain amount of love and care – not ideal for someone who hasn’t even asked for one.

Cleaning supplies: just no.

Make use of loyalty cards

Many stores, Boots for example, offer loyalty card schemes to reward customers that shop with them regularly. Make use of these as they often add up to more than you think throughout the year!

Consider a secret santa

If the thought of buying a present for each and every one of your family members fills you with dread, why not float the idea of a secret santa? If you don’t know what a secret santa is – all you do is put all your names into a hat and pick one out each. Whomever you pick out is the person you’re buying for that Christmas – oh, and it’s secret too!

Consider buying second hand

We’re not suggesting you gift a pair of smelly old trainers, but when it comes to things like video games and consoles, consider buying second hand. CEX have some amazing preloved games consoles, games, dvds and mobile phones for a fraction of the full price – so it’s worth checking out if you’re buying for someone who loves gaming or tech.


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