The Rise of Coffee Shops in the UK

It’s becoming virtually impossible to make your way to work, or to even walk down the street without seeing at least 1 or 2 people with a coffee cup in hand nowadays. Which raises the question: just when did coffee shops become so popular in the UK?

Last year saw Costa Coffee celebrate its 7th year as the ‘nation’s favourite coffee shop’ as voted by Allegra. But what exactly is it that attracts us to coffee chains and just what drives us to them every morning in the UK? Here’s a few reasons we think why…

It’s a morning perk

Coffee, or any other similar hot drink always seems to go down well in the mornings, especially on those cold rainy days where you’d rather do anything than go to work. Perhaps the UK has become obsessed with little morning pick me ups and that would explain why coffee shops are so prevalent in the UK.

It saves making one yourself

We’re a lazy nation, and sometimes you just want something done for you, no harm in that right?

So what better than a freshly brewed tea or coffee waiting at your disposal from a coffee shop where you know they’re going to make it well. It’s a no brainer for many to make sure their morning hot beverage is done right and maybe that would explain just how coffee shops became so popular.

There’s a whole load of choices

The beauty of coffee shops? It’s not all coffee! There’s something for everybody and yes that includes cold drinks! If coffee isn’t your forte, then chains such as Costa are always on hand to provide you with whichever hot (or cold) drink your heart desires – hot chocolates are another favourite for these shops!

They’re pretty ethical

One of the best things about coffee shops such as Costa is that they are pretty good with fairtrade and also care a lot about the environment. The ‘Costa Foundation’ provides coffee-growing farmers and their families with long term support, particularly with education access.

Not only that but Costa encourage the use of recyclable cups and also try to make their own cups as sustainable as possible – so you can enjoy your coffee without having to worry about any environmental implications!

Fancy a coffee now? A new Costa Coffee has just opened in Runcorn Shopping City, head down now and treat yourself (you know you deserve it)!

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