Secret Santa Shortcut!

As workforces and families get larger; Secret Santa can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the tradition of gift giving at Christmas time.

How does it work? Well, instead of buying individual gifts for each of your family, friends or work colleagues, the group chooses one name each and buys for that person only. Meaning you have more time to find a fab gift for that person! And of course, this way, Christmas budgets don’t get out of hand.

Although we may be familiar with the process, not many know the origins of Secret Santa. There are several schools of thought on this. We guess it’s okay to choose the one that appeals to you most!


Julklapp is a Scandinavian tradition of anonymous gift giving that’s centuries old. Julklapp is made from the word ‘Jul’ which means Christmas, and ‘Klapp’ – to knock. The custom dictates that once you ’ve chosen the gift and its recipient, you knock loudly on their door, then open the door, leave the gift and disappear quickly without being seen! You also leave a short message with a clue as to your identity. The recipient then has to guess who left the gift. You can see the similarities with the Secret Santa procedure; our money’s on this explanation!

Larry Dean Stewart

Stewart was an American philanthropist who spent over 20 years performing random acts of kindness. Remember the film Pay it Forward? It’s a very similar concept with the simple message: Be kind to people. People took inspiration from his kind thoughts and gifts, and it morphed into Secret Santa, a tradition at Christmas.

Secret Santa Party Game

A fun take on Secret Santa has also become popular, particularly amongst families. It’s known as ‘Stealing Secret Santa’. The idea is that everyone gathers after each has brought a generic gift that could be suitable for anyone in the group. The gifts are wrapped to hide the contents and placed together in a room. Each member of the group is given a number dictating which order they can step forward and choose a gift. Once unwrapped the person choosing the gift can decide to keep it or ‘steal’ a previously opened present from another person in the group.

Our Secret Santa Shopping List

As has become our habit (we do enjoy our shopping trips around the centre!) we’ve searched for some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas in Shopping City. And the best bit – they’re all under £5 From cooking inspiration in Jamie’s Christmas DVD’s from CEX to a cool Krispy Crème Donut Nail Polish Kit from B&M (yes, really!).

So if you’re popping in to grab lunch during the day, you can pick up a fabulous Secret Santa gift too. We won’t tell them we helped you choose!


At B&M

At Wilko











#Warm the Streets

Don’t forget to support our #warmthestreets campaign while you’re here. It’s the perfect way to include those less fortunate than you in a Secret Santa tradition – by giving the homeless the gift of warmth this Christmas.




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Secret Santa Shortcut!

As workforces and families get larger; Secret Santa can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the tradition of gift giving at Christmas time.Continue Reading…