How to Host a Smashing Summer Party

Summer Party

Well, it’s official. The UK has finally seen a bit of sun. Sun. Of course, in true British culture this means no other than it’s time for BBQs and parties galore. (I mean, we have to appreciate the sun whilst we can right?) But, how do you throw a truly smashing summer party that (ahem) outshines the rest? Let us here at Shopping City share with you some of our top tips on how to throw a truly unforgettable get-together in the scorching summer heat.

Why summer parties are the best

Summer parties are the art of the warmer months, they’re a great excuse to get together with family and friends and see in the much welcomed summer evenings in style. But, with so many parties to be anticipated this summer, how do you make yours truly stand out?

Runcorn Shopping City are on hand with our top tips and advice on how to ace your summer party this year. Plus, what more, we’re open until 8pm Mon-Sat and 5pm on Sun, so there’s plenty of time to grab all your essentials and more.

How to host the best summer party

Here’s our top 3 tips for hosting an unforgettable summer party like no other.

Tip One: cater for everyone!

Summer Party

To ensure your summer party is a roaring success, you’ll need to make sure you cater for all of your guests. If you’re providing food make sure you provide for your veggie, vegan or certain-food-intolerant friends. This way, nobody has to feel left out nor has to go hungry (which is a sure fire way of letting your whole party down). For a great selection of party food that suits everybody, why not check out the large range at Iceland. Whether you’ll be hosting a BBQ, or simply cooking up some grub in the oven – there’s no better place to stock up your freezer.

Head down to Iceland at Runcorn Shopping City ahead of your big bash to ensure you have everything you need (and maybe more). Check out our website for Iceland’s opening times.

Shopping City top tip: as well making sure the food is suited to everybody’s needs, you should ensure your party caters for all types of people by other means too. For example, by providing party games to keep children busy. If everybody’s happy then we’re sure your summer party is set to be an absolute hit.

Tip two: dress to impress

Be the host with the most or the hostess with the mostess by dressing to impress for your summer party. Why not even go that little bit further and set a theme for your party? We’re not talking going the completely fancy dress (unless, of course that’s what you fancy (pardon the pun)). But, how about setting the theme to something such as fancy florals or beach styles. Head down to one of our clothes stores such as New Look, Peacocks or Yours to kit yourself out.

Shopping City top tip: remember to put your dress code on your party invitations to avoid any awkward “I didn’t know”s or last minute panics.

Tip Three: remember what season it is

Summer Party

Summer 2018 is off to a flying start with the recent heatwave and spat of pleasant weather – so enjoy it whilst it lasts!

You can host an indoor party all year round, but the good weather is renowned for not sticking around for long so you should make the most of it! Why not set up tables and chairs outside, (and perhaps a gazebo just incase the weather decides to turn). The sunshine is guaranteed to keep guests happy, so you’re on to a winner!

Shopping City top tip: if you’re keeping it al fresco, then be sure to stock up on the appropriate dining gear. Poundland have a fab range of plastic cutlery, plates, cups and bowls etc. so be sure to head over the ahead of your big day.

However you decide to throw your summer party, make sure you head down to Shopping City to grab everything you need. Remember, we’re open until 8pm on Mon-Sat and 5pm on Sun.

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