The Great British Bake-Off is over!

Rahul Mandel wins this year’s Great British Bake Off!

And after ten weeks of almost non-stop deliciousness causing havoc with our waistlines and tickling our taste buds it’s now time to move on to the Christmas countdown. Inevitably, a path that leads to more food. Oops!

Now there’s no excuse to sit and watch others bake. So maybe you can start a little kitchen time of your own? Take inspiration from the three impressive and worthy finalists and create your own ‘bake off’ inspired spectacular to impress friends and family. Maybe even get the kids involved?

November is the time to start making your Christmas cake!

We can already hear you shouting “It’s too soon for Christmas!” But we all know it isn’t really. We’re already into November; Bonfire Night will be over in a flash (sorry!), and the Christmas gifts and decorations are already in the shops.

So we’ve decided it’s okay to share a Christmas cake recipe, and the team have taken a trip around the ShoppingCity stores to find the best kitchen essentials necessary for baking a Christmas cake to impress.

Our favourite ever Christmas cake recipe

As true British Bake Off fans, our favourite Christmas cake recipe is, of course, created by Mary Berry. Once you’ve mixed all the ingredients and left it overnight for ‘the magic’ to happen; bake for two hours then store (hidden from temptation!) until Christmas Day.

If you can’t see yourself finding time to bake, or if you know it would be a disaster from start to finish, don’t worry! Iceland has come to the rescue of all busy mums (and dads) once again. Amongst their fantastic Christmas range, you’ll find this mouthwatering family Christmas cake. It’s rated as one of the top 10 Christmas Cakes for 2018.

According to the review, it’s lighter than many others and is exceptionally moist. It’s less traditional than some cakes; great if you sometimes find them too heavy and cloying. There’s a generous layer of marzipan, for those that love it; and as it serves 16, it’s easy on the Christmas budget.

Essential non-edible ingredients for your Christmas cake baking session

We’ve taken on some of the hard work for you and found some fantastic bargains to help you create a storm in the kitchen. Download our Store Guide to help you navigate round the centre.  You can even work off some calories at Ping Pong Parlour so you don’t feel too guilty when licking the bowl after your baking session!

Wilko Mixing Bowl


Wilko Wooden Spatula


Wilko Disposable Icing Bags 30pk


Wilko Wire Cooling Rack


Wilko Kitchen Rolling Pin Beech 35cm


Wilko Everyday Value Hand Mixer


The Range Bacofoil Greaseproof paper


B&M Betty Crocker Springform Cake Tin


B&M Betty Winters Silicone Spoon


Wilko Square Cake Tin


The Range Lock and Lock Cake Box


Argos Wahl Folding Digital Scales



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