The ultimate holiday checklist for your summer getaway

The ultimate holiday checklist for your summer getaway

Summer holidays are meant to be a time for relaxing, but we both know that this isn’t always the case. At least not in the final few days before your getaway. If you’re in charge of the household, (or even if you aren’t), we’re sure you’re all too aware of the last minute holiday panic of ‘have I got this?’ or ‘have I done this?’ Luckily, we know exactly what you need: an ultimate holiday checklist. Read on to solve all your last-minute anxieties and panics. 

Us here at Runcorn Shopping City know these said panics all too well, and luckily we know how to avoid them. Being open 9am-8pm Mon-Sat and 10am-5pm on Sunday, there’s plenty of time visit and conduct those last minute shopping hauls. Or, better still, have a read of our ultimate holiday checklist below to ensure that dashing to the shops the night before you fly is a thing of the past.

Your ultimate holiday checklist, courtesy of Runcorn Shopping City

There’s always plenty to take on holiday and baggage allowances are never enough, but let’s start with the bare essentials:

The essentials to pack

  • Passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Boarding pass
  • Travel currency
  • Medical card
  • Destination country information
  • Clothes
  • Travel sized toiletries (you can pick these up at Superdrug for cheap)
  • Luggage tags (check Poundland for all of your luggage accessory needs)
  • Clothes, nightwear and footwear
  • Medication
  • Swimwear
  • Sun cream (Boots have a wide range of sun creams and oils – don’t board the plane without it)
  • After sun (which can also be picked up at Boots)
  • Sunglasses (New Look have a wide range of sunglasses to suit everybody, or Specsavers can sort you out with some tinted prescription lenses)
  • Travel adaptors

Of course, essentials are important but any holiday-savvy packer will also understand the ‘need’ for things that aren’t typically ‘essentials’ (but they’re still essential to us, right?!). Here’s some of our recommendations of things you may have forgotten to pack but definitely need:

The ‘other’ essentials to pack

  • Perfume (treat yourself to a new holiday scent at The Fragrance Shop)
  • Beach balls and pool floats
  • Headphones and tablet or smartphone
  • Phone and camera chargers
  • Books and magazines for the plane and around the pool
  • Vitamins (your diet may go to pot whilst on holiday, but your vitamin intake doesn’t need to – let Holland & Barrett sort you out with vitamin supplements to keep you healthy and fit whilst away)
  • Disposable camera (if you prefer old school photo capturing, then pick up a disposable camera at Max Spielmann who can print your photographs for you too)

Of course, packing is only one job in a whirlwind of many. So, to make the pre-departure chaos just a little easier for you, here’s some things to remember:

The things to remember

  • Ensure all of your passports are up to date
  • Ensure all members of your party have travel insurance
  • Ensure you have somebody to check on the house and water the plants
  • Ensure you have somebody to look after any pets you may have
  • Ensure close friends and family are aware that you are going away
  • Ensure you have the whole time booked off work and/or school for the little ones
  • Ensure you have transport to the airport sorted in the UK, and transport from the airport sorted in your destination country
  • Ensure you can check in at your time of arrival, or have other plans set in motion if you can’t

So, you know the essentials to pack, you know the ‘extras’ and you even know everything you should remember before jetting off abroad. You’re almost ready to go, but don’t kick your shoes off and relax just yet. Have a final read of our top tips for packing and preparation (and then relax):

The tips to bear in mind

  • Pack early to ensure there are no last-minute panics
  • Buy things for your holiday weekly in the months running up to it so you’re not faced with a last minute haul that’ll break the bank
  • Grab a free travel brochure from the travel agent where you booked to read up on your destination beforehand
  • Grab a slow-drip plant waterer if you can’t get someone to take up the task whilst you’re away (you can usually pick these up from Poundland)

Whatever you need for your holiday, we’ll be sure to have it. So, why not pay Runcorn Shopping City a visit before jetting off on your travels? We’re open 7 days a week and have a wide variety of shops which’ll contain all you need and more. To find out how to get here, or for more information, visit our brand new website today.

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