Tips for opening your child’s first bank account

Opening a bank account for your child is a great opportunity for them to really learn the the value of money, and to take more control over their own finances. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding youth and teenage accounts, which the folks over at Halifax have kindly answered for us:

Is there an age limit for bank accounts?

The lower age limit that children are allowed to open a bank account of their own varies depending on what bank you go for. Many banks and building societies will allow you to open up a savings account for a child that’s 7 or older. However, many children’s current accounts are only available for kids aged 11-18.

Remember: if your child is aged under 16, you will have to open their current account for them, they will not be able to do this on their own.

What is the difference between a child bank account and a normal current account?

The main difference between a child bank account and a normal current account is that child bank accounts don’t have overdrafts. This means that your child is in no danger of incurring any nasty fees or bank charges.

Your child’s current account pretty much works in the same way as your ordinary current account, they will receive a debit card, which they will be able to use at checkouts and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

What will I need to open up my child’s bank account?

If your child is under 16, you will need to provide your own ID, this can be a driving licence or passport, as well as your child’s birth certificate and/or an NHS medical certificate.

You’ll also be required to provide evidence of where you live, so bring a recent utility bill, letter from the council, telephone bill or bank statement with you.

Benefits of opening a child current account with Halifax

If you choose to open an Expresscash account with Halifax, your child will benefit from a range of features, including:


  • Their own Visa debit card.
  • Access to 24 hour online banking.
  • Ability to send and receive online payments using the Pay A Contact service.
  • Tailored security and financial education in association with Childnet and the Money Advice Service.


For more information on child current accounts, visit the official Halifax website or pop into the Halifax branch in the centre.


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