Tips to prepare for beauty treatments, from Blush Beauty Salon

Here at ShoppingCity Runcorn, we just love getting pampered, so you can imagine our delight when Blush Beauty Salon set up shop in the centre! We’ve chatted with the beauty therapists in the salon to get the lowdown on how to prepare for your beauty treatments.

Spray Tan

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The main thing to do prior to getting a spray tan is to fully exfoliate your skin. Tanning products do not stick to dead skin, so exfoliating will make your tan last longer. It’s also advisable to wax your legs and armpits at least 24 hours prior to your treatment. This will give your pores time to relax after waxing, and means that you won’t have to remove any hair whilst the tan is developing. If you choose to wax once you’ve had your spray tan, you run the risk of the tan coming off with the hairs!

Leg Wax

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We cannot perform a wax treatment is the skin is irritated or sunburnt, so it’s essential to check this before booking your waxing session. It’s also important to tell your beauty therapist about any moles or broken skin prior to the treatment, as these cannot be waxed and will need to be covered with a plaster before the wax is applied.

Top Tip: the best hair length for waxing is about half an inch, any shorter than this and the treatment may not have the desired results.


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Here at Blush Beauty, we offer a makeup service that will leave you looking (and feeling) amazing! But how do you prepare for a makeup treatment? We recommend that you exfoliate your skin prior to coming in for your treatment, as this will get rid of any dead skin that could cause your makeup to look less professional.

Ear Piercing


If you’re bringing your young son or daughter in to get their ears pierced, here are a few tips so that the procedure will run nice and smoothly:


  • Plan something nice for afterwards. Getting their ears pierced can be a nerve racking experience for children, so try to plan something nice after (i.e. ice cream or eating at their favourite cafe), so they have something else to focus on.
  • Be realistic. We all know that ear piercing isn’t the worst pain in the world, but it’s important to be honest with your child about the pain. Tell them they will feel a bit of a pinch, but don’t tell them it won’t hurt at all!


If you have any further enquiries regarding any of the beauty treatments we have on offer, visit the Blush Beauty Facebook page, or pop into the salon.


Featured image credit: Skin Deep Cardiff

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