We LOVE Halloween

We LOVE Halloween. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up, have fun and indulge in a few sweet treats without feeling guilty. It’s tradition after all.

And it means the countdown to Christmas has officially started too – woohoo!

In true blog style, we’ll indulge in a few Halloween facts with you; then share some amazingly cool Halloween products that will ensure a ‘spookalicious’ Halloween. And we’ve found some blinders!

Did you know?

Despite going on to be a lucrative franchise, the movie Halloween was filmed on a REALLY a tight budget; so they needed some quick cost-saving ideas. The answer? They found the cheapest mask possible for character Michael Myers. It was, in fact, a William Shatner Star Trek mask! And although he was unaware at the time, when he did find out it was his likeness, the star was said to be truly honoured.

We can guarantee a scary night out at the cinema

Fast forward forty years and John Carpenter’s Halloween returns to the big screen from the 10th October at Cineworld. Since launching on such a tiny budget, the movie has earned its rightful place as one of the most successful independent horror movies of all time.

So if you didn’t get to experience one of the scariest movies in all its ‘gory glory’ 40 years ago, now’s your chance. And if you remember your parents talking about it, you can now see for yourself what all the fuss was about. But if you prefer to hide behind a cushion on the sofa, then you could pop into CEX and see if they have it on DVD!


Prepare for creepy crawling visitors!

Part of the fun of Halloween for us grown-ups is the cute and sometimes downright amusing costumes the kids wear when ‘Trick or Treat’ -ing. There’s such an assortment to buy now that if you’re not handy with a sewing machine and sticky back plastic, it doesn’t matter.

And every home needs to stock up on tiny treats for the little ones as a reward for their efforts. And as a thank you for the amusement they provide us J

To save you some time, we headed down to see what our stores here in ShoppingCity are offering this Halloween. Stopping off at Costa for their delicious new chilli con carne meal pot. And don’t wait till Bonfire Night to sample their incredible bonfire-inspired range of drinks. Kind of weird yet wonderfully tasty too!

Trick or Treat Bag £1.29 The Range

LED Plaque was £9.99 now £7.99 The Range

Spooky Chews £1 from Poundland

Halloween Danger Tape 99p The Range

Halloween ‘Humdingers’… Fact Two (and three)

The Village Halloween Parade in New York City is the largest Halloween parade in the world. It includes 50,000 participants and attracts over 2 million spectators. Mmmm…maybe we should start a Runcorn Halloween Parade…

Black and orange are the colours most associated with Halloween. Orange represents strength and endurance and, as with brown and gold, represents the harvest and autumn. Black represents death and darkness. It’s a reminder that Halloween was once a festival that marked the boundaries between life and death.

Our Halloween inspired haul

There was so much to choose from; we struggled to limit ourselves to our eight favourite items!

Electroplated House, £1 Poundland

Doorbell, £2 Poundland

Doorbell, £2 Poundland

Animated Prisoner in Cage £9.99 B&M

Scary Window Peeper £4.99 B&M

Floating Skull £6.99 B&M

Inflatable Ghosts £27.99 The Range

Pumpkin Lights £5 Wilco

If you’re looking for some creative family time

If you prefer to be indoors on a cold October evening, then you could start preparing for your scary Halloween room makeover. Let your imagination run wild! Find inspiration on Pinterest, shop windows, or in magazines – even ask Nan and Grandad what they used to do when they were kids. Then head into ShoppingCity where you’ll find an array of Halloween costumes, decorations and sweet treats.

Here’s one of our favourite makes. It’s a great combination of nature, creating – and shopping! The twigs can be found in the garden, cut the bats and spider shapes from crepe paper (The Range), then hang decorations, available from stores like Poundland, Wilco, The Range or B&M.


Or for some homemade edible Halloween treats for a party, try these deliciously gruesome Banana Ghosts.

Just peel bananas, slice in half, and push a lolly stick into each. Melt white chocolate over a bowl of boiling water and, once melted, dip the bananas into the chocolate. Place on a baking tray, pop chocolate drops on to each to create eyes and a mouth – then freeze for a couple of hours before serving.


As you can see, we found lots of Halloween inspiration in ShoppingCity, to give you a head(less) start. So start making your list and get shopping now!

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