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The World Cup 2018 is just around the corner, are you excited? We know that we are!

The art of World Cup parties

It’s within British culture to celebrate the World Cup with high hopes and expectations for the England squad (or any team you may support, for that matter). This means that meetups, trips to the pub, group screenings and parties are all to be expected within the months of June and July.

But, how do you host a World Cup party which will stand out from the rest? With so much anticipated competition and squabbling between you and your friends for who will host for the most crucial matches; it is important that you come out on top with your party propositions. Here’s how to make your World Cup 2018 party the must-go to of the year.

How to host the best World Cup party of 2018

Nail the food

Party food is great if you can get it right. To make sure you do, you’ll need to be thinking about your guests and the kind of setting you’ll be in. Will you save the food for half time, will you want nibbles whilst the game is on, or would you go all out after the game has finished. (In celebration, or sorrow).

Here’s our recommendations for each of the options, meaning whichever you choose, we have you covered:

Half-time food: if you’re going to fill up during those vital 15 minutes that are so soon to pass us by, then you’re going to want something quick and easy. We would suggest pre-preparing sandwiches, rolls, wraps etc. That way, if your allocated eating time does run over, you can always rush back to the screen and snack away as the game resumes.

In-match nibbles: if you’re an avid football fan and can’t even bear to miss the half-time commentary, then you should be preparing some nibbles to last you throughout the game that’ll keep you and your pals replenished. We would suggest stocking up on the crisps, nuts, and the classic ‘party food’ selections such as mini samosas, chicken strips, wedges etc. You can pick all of these up for a bargain price at Iceland, so you don’t need to break the bank in order to keep your guests happy.

The post-match feast: if you choose to wait for your food until after the game has finished, then you can really go all out when treating yourself and your guests to a bite to eat. Seeing as it’s summer, the weather should (but don’t hold us to this) be nice enough for a BBQ. BBQ food is the perfect accompaniment to a summer party and has the benefit of keeping the kitchen clean and tidy too – what more could you want? If you don’t have a BBQ, then why not pick up a disposable one from Poundworld? Just make sure you read the instructions to ensure safe cooking.

Decorate to your heart’s content

Our motto for hosting the best parties would be to always say to yourself ‘why not?’

It’ll liven up the setting if you go all out on the decorations for your World Cup party. You could hang up flags and coloured streamers/buntings to really set the theme and get the party started. You can pick up party decorations in B&M, Wilko and Poundworld – who knows, they may even have some World Cup 2018 themed items there.

If you struggle to locate actual World Cup themed items, then why not pull out the paints and your artistic side and get creative? You can make flags by painting on old bed sheets and make buntings by cutting up and painting the backs of old cereal boxes.

What’s a party without party games?

One sure fire way of making your party a party-to-remember is by going big on the party games.

Whether you chose to include alcohol or not, there are loads of ways you can enjoy yourself before, during and after the game to make your World Cup 2018 party like no other.

Here are some of our top picks of party games to play, but you can think up some of your own or search more if you wish. (The more creative, the better).

Sweepstake: there’s nothing like a good old fashioned sweepstake to set the competitive spirit alight between friends. If you don’t know what a sweepstake is; it’s when one person writes out all of the countries competing on individual pieces of paper and then people take it in turns to draw the names out of a hat until everyone has an equal amount. The people involved then all put in a bet of equal amounts and the person who holds the winning team at the end of the tournament wins the pot. There’s no choosing in a sweepstake – it’s the randomness that makes it exciting.

If you don’t want to bet money, why not bet something else instead such as food, or say that the person who wins can ask a favour of every person involved in the sweepstake.

Beer pong: if you and your guests are over 18, then beer pong is a great way to get a party started if you’ll be factoring in drinking. If you don’t know how to play beer pong you will need:

  • 20 red cups
  • Ping pong balls (you may need spares)
  • A table to set up on (preferably outside)
  • Alcohol! (It could be beer, could be something else – or even a soft drink if you fancy it)

How to play

You should set the cups (2 sets of 10, on opposite ends of the table) up as follows in the image below and then fill them around ¼ full with your choice of drink.


The aim of the game is to get the ball in any of your opponents’ cups, if you do, they have to drink the contents.

This game is great to play during or after the football match, but remember to drink responsibility and never allow yourself or your guests to drink if they are driving.

Penalty shoot out: if you’ve had enough of watching the World Cup action on the screen and would rather get involved instead, then how about setting up some goals in the garden and having a penalty shoot-out competition yourselves?

How to play

The rules are simple, one person goes in goal and one shoot and then you switch between everybody involved. Choose how many ‘penalties’ you allow each participant and the one who scores the most goals, wins!

If you don’t have goals, you could always make some makeshift ones using shoes as ‘posts’, it’s the fun that counts. Why not say that the loser has to wash the dishes in order to make the game a little more competitive?

Get in the football spirit

Last but not least, if you’ve got the themed food, decor and games then why not fit yourself and your guests into the theme instead of football outfits and face paint?

You’ll be able to pick up some gear at JD Sports, just add some facepaint and you’re ready to go. You could even offer a prize for the best dressed which not only gets all of the guests involved but also makes you an A+ host.

However, you chose to host it, make sure you head down to Runcorn Shopping City to pick up all your party essentials and more – we promise we’ll help you to host an unforgettable event to celebrate the World Cup.

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