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World Cup

After wiping out Colombia in a heart-pausing penalty shootout, England has rocketed their way through to the quarter-finals and are on (so it seems) a smooth route to the World Cup final now. Yes, you heard it right: the World Cup final.

After ’30 years of hurt’, or more like 52 now, we may stand a chance in this competition.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like something worth celebrating – we don’t know what does. So, in true Runcorn Shopping City style, we’re going to tell you exactly how to see out the World Cup final from the comfort of your own home. But first, here’s a little more about what you can expect from the final week of the World Cup.

The World Cup 2018 and what to expect from now on

The next round of the quarter-finals is set to start this Friday, and we can only hope it’ll bring us as much excitement as the knockout rounds did. With the likes of Spain, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal already being eliminated – who knows what this competition may bring next? In case you don’t already know, here’s the timetable for the upcoming matches this weekend:


Uruguay v France – Friday – 15:00

Brazil v Belgium – Friday – 19:00

Sweden v England – Saturday – 15:00

Russia v Croatia – Saturday – 19:00


The semi-finals are set to take place on:


Tuesday at 19:00 (Uruguay OR France v Brazil OR Belgium)

Wednesday 19:00 (Sweden OR England v Russia OR Croatia)


Following that will be the third place play-offs on:


Saturday at 15:00 (teams TBC)


And finally, the big day (the World Cup final) is set to take place on:


Sunday at 16:00 (teams TBC)


The last time England qualified for the World Cup quarter-finals was in 2006, a whole 12 years ago. It’s obvious we’re optimistic about the team’s future, and this could very well go down in history. Therefore, this is not one you want to miss.

Make sure you’re prepared for all of the games left for the World Cup and more importantly – the final that we so hope to see England in this year. Our handy guide below will ensure you have everything you need.

Everything you need for the World Cup finals

Whether you’ll be throwing a World Cup party or simply watching it from the comfort of your own home, you’re still going to want to be prepared. Here are some of our top tips on how to get prepped for the finals (and for every match leading up to it).

Kit yourself out: If you don’t already have your hands on one, you should head down to JD sports and grab yourself an England top right away. Seeing as its 12 years since England have gotten this far in the World Cup (and yes we are mentioning it again) it’s time to pull out your reds and whites and get patriotic.

Kit the house out too: If you’re feeling devoted, you might want to go the extra mile and kit your home out too. Whether you’re hosting a World Cup party, or simply watching the match with close friends and family; it doesn’t hurt to get into the footballing spirit. You can pick up England flags and decorations galore over at Poundland, meaning you can kit your home out and show your support for our team relatively cheaply.

World Cup

Find out about the teams: When it’s decided who will play in the finals, so that’s England and… (we’re joking!). However, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little background research on the teams so you can truly get into the spirit, especially if you’re having a party for the final. Once the two teams competing for victory are decided, we’d suggest researching:

  • The national beer
  • What to chant to support the team
  • The national music
  • The national foods

You’ll then have a bunch of knowledge that you can put into practice for when you watch the final. If you are hosting a viewing event, you may want to stock up on the national beers, and let your guests pick their sides and practice the same routine for the food. Whether we make it or not, the World Cup final is still an event worth celebrating and if you can get in the spirit – it makes it all the more enjoyable.

Make food perfect for the occasion: The sun is out, and the football is on, in true British culture this can mean no other than a BBQ. The 15th of July is set to see highs of 25° so the weather will be plenty nice enough for a BBQ in the sun. You can pick tons of BBQ food up at Iceland so stock your freezer up now as it’s set to be a scorcher.

World Cup

Have a sweepstake at hand: Sweepstakes are traditionally executed at the start of the World Cup, but where’s the harm in a little competitive spirit on the day of the final too? Write down all the players from both teams and pop the names in a hat. The guest who picks the name of the first player to score can win a pot of money or perhaps something such as food or favours.

Perfect the set-up: If you’re planning on watching the game at home and inviting guests over, then you’ll want to provide a pretty good set-up. We, of course, would recommend watching it in the garden. No outside TV? No problem, you can pick up a projector from Argos. You can also go about kitting out your garden with chairs and decor galore – there’s loads of choice at The Range.


Wherever you may be on the 15th July, we hope you enjoy the World Cup just as much as we’re going to! Remember to head over to Shopping City for all of your World Cup essentials and more. Or, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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