Your ultimate gift guide for the person who has everything

Buying gifts are hard at the best of time, but when you’re buying for someone who is the definition of awkward and has everything under the sun – it becomes virtually impossible.

If you have someone in mind (and we suspect you do) then this guide is for you. Here is our well-thought-out, every-scenario-assessed gift guide for the person who really does have everything.

A gift guide for the person who has everything

Here are some of our top picks of presents who will please even the most pedantic gift receivers. We’ve thought out every eventuality and have tried to think of a solution. And what more? All of the below gifts are available to buy or book at Runcorn Shopping City – result!

A trip away

If there’s one thing we can guarantee your person-in-mind hasn’t done, it’s tour every country in the world. We’re almost 100% convinced there will be a place that they’d like to see, but haven’t yet – so why not make their dreams come true?

Whether it be cities or beaches, rivers or mountains, with holidays – there’s always usually something for everyone. (Even the pickiest of people). A holiday would certainly be an unexpected gift but appreciated nonetheless, which is why we’re suggesting that if you’re stuck for a present – get this and you’ll be truly on to a winner.

The getaway doesn’t need to be extravagant nor costly – pop down to Thomas Cook, Thomson or TUI at Runcorn Shopping City and find out what they can do for you.

New home decor

Presents for women (or even men) don’t all have to be jewellery and clothes. If you don’t fancy getting a typical present (in part fear of course that they already have it) then why not get something for the home instead?

New Look has a wide range of home items that are cute, quirky and most importantly unique. We’ll bet there’ll be something there to appeal to your special someone that they don’t have already.

Home decor is a lovely present for someone with their own home or even just for a bedroom. It’s different and memorable and most importantly (if you opt to go with New Look) incredibly stylish. Check out some of our top picks from New Look’s ‘home’ collection below then head down to Runcorn Shopping City to grab your gift (and maybe even something for yourself too).

gift guide for the person who has everything

A new look

From New Look to a whole new look, how about getting the special person in your life a mini makeover or hair transformation?

Even the person with everything you could think of probably still wouldn’t say no to a little extra TLC, so why not make that your gift to them this year? Whether it be a haircuit, condition or even a nail treatment, we’re sure one of our beauty salons over at Runcorn Shopping City will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Coffee and a cake

If you’re less for material things and more for experience, then why not treat someone to a coffee and cake for their birthday instead of gifting them something physical. Time spent with friends and family is priceless and is therefore the perfect gift for the person who has everything that you still want to treat.

Why not take them to Costa coffee, the UK’s most renowned coffee shop for a cake and a hot drink to wash it all down? It’s an inexpensive treat but a thoughtful one all the same, perfect if you’re struggling to find the perfect present on a budget.

Say it through scent

Though your picky person may already have a bottle of perfume or two, there’s never harm in investing in more. Just like shoes, you can never have enough – making perfume or aftershave the last item on our list of gifts for the person who has everything.

Why not go for something out of the ordinary in order to be a little different. If they’re known to like musky scents, pick a floral. If they’re keen on subtle, go strong and daring. If you get something a little different to their regular then we can guarantee this is something they won’t already have, but will love nevertheless.

To help you get started, here’s some of our favourite perfumes and aftershaves from no other than The Fragrance Shop.

gift guide for the person who has everything

Whichever gift you decide on, make sure you head over to Runcorn Shopping City to check out our wide range of gifts and presents galore. We’re open 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday so there’s plenty of time to explore.

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Your ultimate gift guide for the person who has everything

Buying gifts are hard at the best of time, but when you’re buying for someone who is the definition of awkward and has everything under the sun – it becomes virtually impossible.

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