Yummy Bonfire Night Recipes

You can’t quite beat Bonfire Night can you? Here at Shopping City, we just love wrapping up warm and heading out to watch a firework display at our local park, or even inviting friends and family, and having a good old party at home!

When it comes to throwing a fantastic Bonfire Night party, we like to follow the three F’s: fireworks, food and FUN. Food-wise, you’ve probably come across the bog-standard bonfire night recipes – your toffee apples, hot chocolate etc. But what about making some unique dishes that scream Bonfire Night, without the cliches? Here are some unique and delicious recipes that are sure to have your guests asking for seconds this November the 5th.

Bangers with Welsh Rarebit Mash

Image credit and full recipe: BBC Good Food


This mouth-watering bangers and mash recipe is a British classic that’s bound to warm up some tummies this Bonfire Night! The cheese varieties add a delicious twist to this traditional winter warmer, which is a sure-fire hit with partygoers of all ages – just be sure to make enough for seconds.

Fried Cox Apples with Cinnamon Sugar

Image credit and full recipe: Jamie Oliver


A Bonfire Night party without apples is like Christmas dinner without turkey, or easter without the eggs, or… well you get the picture. This delicious Cox apples recipe from Jamie Oliver is a cool twist on a Bonfire Night classic – that’s sure to tantalise some tastebuds!

Slow-Roast Pork Shoulder

Image credit and full recipe: BBC Good Food


Slow cooked for several hours, this indulgent pork shoulder recipe is melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Serve with mustard mash and a spot of red cabbage for the ultimate Bonfire Night meal.

Sticky Maple and Mustard Pulled Pork Wraps

Image credit and full recipe: Tesco Real Food


When it comes to making the perfect pulled pork wrap, be sure to leave it in the oven for a good five hours or so. This means you’ll get that mouth-watering pulled pork flavour that’s popular in so many trendy cafes and restaurants these days. These hearty wraps are great for a Bonfire Night gathering, leave to marinate in chillis, maple syrup, ginger and mustard for a tantalising treat that’s sure to receive compliments left, right and centre!

Fish Pie Jackets

Image credit and full recipe: Delicious Magazine


Jacket potatoes are a classic winter warmer – perfect for Bonfire Night! Give them a twist by filling them with this absolutely amazing and hearty fish pie recipe, and you’ve got yourself some mouth-watering fishy goodness that’s bound to be loved by your guests.


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