Coffee in THE BOX

In keeping with our dedication to community spirit, we invite you to join us for Coffee in The Box!
The invite extends to the ‘older and wiser’ in our community who think they would benefit from some friendly company and even free advice each week.  Organised jointly by Halton Borough Council and ShoppingCity Runcorn, the project aims to help older residents get out and about, and mix with others in a similar situation.

Discounted tea and coffee are available. And for Halton residents, the council’s dial-a-ride service can be ordered for a nominal fee of £2.40.

Karl Clawley, shopping centre manager, said:

“The Box has become a wonderful community hub. We are surrounded by older people who live alone and perhaps don’t get the chance to come out and socialise as often as they would like.”
“Our weekly Coffee in The Box session gives them a good reason to venture out and enjoy a chat over a cup of coffee (or tea!) in a warm, friendly atmosphere. It’s just the first of several community events to be held in this space.”

Peter Ventre, Halton Council’s principal manager for older people, said:

“Isolation can be a big problem for many older residents. The weekly Coffee in The Box is already proving really popular, and as word has spread, it’s become a regular meeting hub for dozens of local residents. The message is — don’t sit at home feeling lonely, come and join us!”