Cheetham and Mortimer

Letting Agents

Shopping City Runcorn has new letting agents. Cheetham and Mortimer specialise in the retail property sector and are looking forward to moving the Centre forward.


EMAIL: [email protected] 

PHONE: 07836 339350

Boomerang Media

Digital screens

To Advertise on our digital screens, please contact our media partner

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 01252 368368




Contact:  Sam Heckscher, Associate Partner

EMAIL:  [email protected]

PHONE: 07708 904902


Forum Retail Commercialisation Partners

Rent Mall/Pop up space

For information about Pop up’s and room availability, please contact our Agents.


EMAIL:  [email protected]

PHONE: 07399802465

EMAIL : [email protected]

PHONE: 07507755626


The Box

Rent space in The Box

‘The Box’ was previously just an empty unit. But with a little thought, its potential was recognised.

And what you see now, several years on, is an entrepreneurial enterprise offering fantastic opportunities to new start-up businesses needing that all-important first step on the ladder.

Shopping City is renowned for its community spirit, and the idea behind The Box perfectly fits with our desire to support our region and its people in any way we can.

So, we are delighted to share with you that, thanks to the opportunities The Box provided, several of stallholders are now running successful businesses!


EMAIL:  [email protected]

PHONE:  01928 716363cust

Positive Media Marketing

A1 Poster Site Advertising

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have big A1 posters sites (2ft x 3ft frames) available for advertising. They are located in key spots around the Centre where thousands will view your message every day. Our poster sites are both effective and affordable and they are positioned in captive areas where people normally stand and wait and want something to read or look at.


EMAIL: [email protected]  

PHONE: 0800 915 4444